Our cost-effective localization technology was initially developed to collect horse droppings in open stables. But it has now matured into a general, flexible and robust solution to navigate indoors and near buildings.

How it works

  • Multiple cameras are installed in elevated positions to observe the ground.

  • They automatically connect to the robots access point when it comes into reach.

  • These birds-eye views from multiple cameras are stitched together to provide an live updated map of the whole work area.

  • Our AI-powered detector continuously locates the robot and obstacles.

Benefits of External Cameras

  • The robot can operate in rough and dirty environments without wipers or sophisticated protection.

  • By observing the scene from above robot constantly sees the whole map. This leads to very robust object detection, navigation and obstacle avoidance.

  • Uncompared accuracy near and inside of buildings. This is where GPS/RTK fails due to bad satellite visibility.