observe your environment with our smart micro cameras

Zauberzeug Robot Brain
  • NVIDIA jetson nano for AI computations

  • 100 mm cube

  • ROS Melodic Morenia/Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

  • CAN, RS485, RS232, I2C, SPI, up to 24 I/O, ADC, DAC, Bluetooth

  • READY Output at every I/O Connector and Industrial Communication Port

  • 2x independent Hardware Enable, 1x Software Enable

  • Power Supply 9 - 36 V, <6 A at 24V DC, isolated DC/DC converter

  • Digital Out max 1.5 A at 24V DC, galvanic isolation

  • Digital In 24V DC or AC, galvanic isolation

Rapid Prototyping

not pretty but quick: when testing new ideas we often build multiple prototypes per day

get this cost effective wooden chassis for your own experiments

Research Fundings

In 2016 we received a two year funding from the "Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy" . Through the "Central Innovation Programme for SMEs (ZIM)", we could greatly intensify our work on mobile products and are now working on bringing an extra ordinary product to the market. Unfortunately the details must be kept secret a little bit longer.